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All rights reserved. 

Revised: September 14, 2011

None of the material here may be reproduced in any format without the express written permission of K.L. Dugery and EbonDragon Productions.

About the Artist

       Okay, you wanted to know a little bit about me or else you wouldn't have clicked on the "about the artist" link. I've always been hesitant about putting one of these pages up because I've never really known just what to say.   I guess I should just start and see where it goes.
       I am K. L. Dugery and I seem to be developing into something of a fantasy artist and writer.  While I have always been fascinated with dragons, I first started drawing back in September of 2000, focusing on a species of Dragons I later named  the Allaban Druegan, or "Wandering Dragons."   When people expressed an interest in buying some of my art I signed up for an account with the online "print-on-demand" company CafePress in  2002 and thus was born EbonDragon Productions.    In 2005 I started creating one of a kind dragon sculptures using  both polymer clay and the more traditional air dry clay. 

      Now my creative energies are divided between my pictures, sculptures, and my stories, although I confess those creative energies are not always evenly divided... something I hope to change once I can get a more definite schedule worked out... but no promises  ^_~

         People have asked me "why dragons?" to which I generally reply "why not?"  There are artists out there who specialize in fairies or angels, noble knights, and barbarian warriors (male and female) so why not someone who specialize in dragons?  Dragons are very interesting characters and can encompass such a wide variety of personality types.  I prefer dragons who are intelligent and social, who generally get along well with their neighbors and who have a strong sense of family.   It is my hope to one day be able to open my own "brick and mortar" store where I can sell my art, sculptures and stories, and help other people to see Dragons as I do.  For now I am quite happy with my little corner of the world wide web. I currently live in Massachusetts with my husband and two cats.