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2001-2009 [EbonDragon Productions, K.L. Dugery].

All rights reserved. 

Revised: September 14, 2011

None of the material here may be reproduced in any format without the express written permission of K.L. Dugery and EbonDragon Productions.



Contact EbonDragonArt.com!


 If you have any questions or comments about anything you have seen here, please email me  I do try to answer my email in a timely fashion, but if you have not heard from me within two weeks (especially if you are interested in a commission) PLEASE send me a follow up email. 

         Also, please be aware that I do not allow people to use my graphics for things like "tags," wallpaper sets, "tubes," forum avatars, email stationary, web sets, etc, or for use on any sort of merchandise other than my own.   My art is a part of how I make a living, please respect that.



Link Exchange Requests

         Family friendly and COPPA compliant sites only!  This means no sites with "adult " themes or erotic art will be accepted.

         If you have a Dragon or fantasy related website (approximately 75% of the site's content) and are looking for a link exchange, please give the title, URL, a brief description of your site.  Please include the url for where you have already placed the return link.   Only sites who have already placed a link to my site that I can verify at the time of the exchange request will be accepted (sorry, but I've had too many people ask for a link exchange in the past who then never bothered to give me the return link they promised, and yes... I *do* check).  My links are divided into two separate categories:


        Dragon Art & Fantasy Sites: All website content should be your own, legally copyrighted material and should feature original Dragon and/or Fantasy related artwork, myths and legends, and original stories.   And while it is okay to sell your art on your website, it should not be primarily or solely a commercial website.        

        Dragon & Fantasy Information Sites:  This section includes all commercial fantasy sites (those selling things like figurines & fantasy collectables), forums,  discussion groups, etc.


        Dragon-friendly sites and positive fantasy sites ONLY.  That means no sites containing excessive violence towards or by Dragons, other fantasy creatures, or humans, and no sites dedicated to "evil" Dragons rampaging across the countryside destroying as they go just for the fun of it.  All sites requesting a link exchange will be reviewed and if the exchange is accepted you will be informed as soon as your link has gone "live."

          If you have a small link button like this be sure to include the url for it so I can upload it to my website to be placed next to your link.



Web Rings I Own


        Finally, if your site meets the above criteria, please consider joining one of my web rings: 


Alt.Fan.DragonsArtists &Painters Guild