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Revised: September 14, 2011

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About the Allaban Druegan

           Probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get is where do the ideas for my pictures and stories come from.  The various myths and stories about dragons from cultures all over the word have fascinated me ever since I was a child.  Now, as an adult I have indulged my interest by drawing pictures and telling the stories behind the pictures.  I tend to do things backwards, it would seem.  Instead of writing the story and then drawing the picture, I draw the picture first and then expand on the story the picture tells.  My stories involve what happens leading up to the scene in the picture or what happened afterwards. 

           The name "Allaban Druegan" is an extremely rough translation of a couple of Gaelic words:  "allaban" meaning wandering and "druegan" meaning dragon.  So the Allaban Druegan simply means "Wandering Dragons"  which is a reference to their status as being a "semi-nomadic" species. (In case you are wondering I got these translations from here by searching the words "wandering" and "dragon.")   And since every world, species and culture... science fiction, fantasy, or alternate reality... should have it's own history to be grounded in I have also started compiling a history for my stories.  So here is a little background information on the Allaban Druegan:

Where They Came From    Physical Characteristics