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Dragon Short Stories

          Welcome to my stories page.  Here you will find a collection of short stories inspired by various pictures in the Galleries.   I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

          Please note, however, that these stories are intended for a PG-13 audience.  Some stories contain mild violence and moderately graphic descriptions.  Parents are advised to read the stories themselves before allowing children under 13 to read them.  To learn more about the dragons in the stories click here

A Mother's Worry  As a mother Dragon watches the interaction between her mate and son, she cannot help but contemplate the  dangers that could threaten the serenity of her small family
Gotcha!  Times have grown dangerous in the Dragonlands of late so when a small child disappears from home Rankith, leader of the Clan Guard, is called upon to help in the search...
Soaring  The beauty of a spring morning entices a jewel-colored Dragon to spread her wings and “sky dance” high above the blue ocean waters near her home. But a sudden cry for help shatters the serenity of the morning and leads Eirlan further out to sea on a mission of mercy.
The Hunt  J’Karrah awakens to a beautiful morning and an empty stomach. However, her search for breakfast will lead her to an encounter she never could have expected...
Unicorns Among Us  A short "myth-type" story giving one interpretation on the legend of the unicorn