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Free Link Banners For Your Web Site!

Many web sites today have beautiful link banners for visitors to copy and take back to their own web site or to share in banner exchange programs.  But, unfortunately many others don't.  Not because the site owner doesn't want one, but because they don't have the time or the graphics program to create one... or they don't believe they have the artistic skills necessary to create one.  To help with this, The EbonDragonArt.com humbly offers these free link banners to those who want one.


Just save the banner of your choice to your own hard drive, then open the file in MS Paint or other graphics editing program and add your own text.  If you choose to use one of the banners below, please provide a link back to this website.  A simple "Banner provided by http://ebondragonart.com"  is sufficient.


One final note... please don't ask me how to place the banner on your website.  Without knowing how your web host handles file transfers and where you store your graphics for the site I can't help you.  If you don't maintain your own site, but have a webmaster who does it for you, send the banner file to him or her and let them place it for you. 

Link Banner 1

Link Banner  2

Link Banner  3

Link Banner  4

Link Banner  5

Link Banner  6

Link Banner  7

Link Banner  8

Link Banner  9

Link Banner  10