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Revised: September 14, 2011

None of the material here may be reproduced in any format without the express written permission of K.L. Dugery and EbonDragon Productions.

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Dragon Art and Sculptures from EbonDragonArt.com


        Welcome to EbonDragonArt.com, the official website of artist K. L. Dugery and home of EbonDragon Productions.  Here you will find various galleries featuring digital dragon art and one of a kind dragon sculptures, as well as a collection of short stories about a race of dragons named the "Allaban Druegan."  And finally you will find my online gift shop where you can purchase prints and a wide range of gifts for friends and family, home and office.

        One thing you'll notice right off is there are none of the stereotypical snarling beast, devastating the countryside and devouring young maidens, and generally causing havoc.  There are enough websites and art that feature that kind of thing.  I wanted my dragons to represent something different without being silly or cartoony.  Hopefully, this will appeal to you and others as well.
       So, please wander through the website, visit the galleries, read the stories, and learn a little about the dragons that inspire me.  But above all enjoy yourself and maybe come to look at dragons a little differently than you once did.  Don't forget to stop by the Gift Shop, and check out all of the wonderful dragon merchandise we have available to help you show *your* love of dragons to the world.  If you have enjoyed your stay, please let me know by signing the guest book!  And if you are interested in EbonDragonArt.com news, updates, and random musings check out my Live Journal.


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